Around the world, STROH is appreciated for its authentic and aromatic taste, which many Austrians associate with the comforting scent and delightful flavor of their childhood pastries and cookies. Moreover, generations of pastry chefs have made Austrian desserts renowned globally through their traditional recipes and craftsmanship. Today, STROH is a popular ingredient in the international bar scene as well as various national cuisines where it is used for both, savory and sweet dishes.

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60 Shades of Johnny STROH
Crafted with care and finesse
Tastes like vacation at the Mediterranean Sea
Alp Mama
Vibrant flavors and tropical flair
Apple STROHdel
Deliciously Warming
Apple strudel
The taste of Austria
Asparagus with Orange Hollandaise Sauce
For a fruity asparagus season
Bacon wrapped pheasant breast
The Superior Poultry
Baked Apple with a nuts and rum filling
A delight for the senses
Baked Cabbage with Meat
Something a little more OH!
Banana Funk
A cocktail sensation like no other
BBQ Sauce
There is no good barbecue without it
Beautiful Loser
A dance of sweet and bitter notes
Beef Goulash
Hearty, Delicious, Aromatic
Beef Tartare with Radishes
Perfect for special occasions
A truly magical libation
Braided Bread
The Sweet Aroma of Homemade Bread
Bread Pudding
A mouth-watering way to upcycle bread
Brownies with STROH
Ultimate chocolate treat
Fluffy, soft, and straight from Austria
But with Cream, Please
opposites attract
Butter cookies
Buttery sweet comfort treats
Butternut Squash Soup
Bringing color to the autumn season
Canary Milk
A journey to the tropics awaits
Canelés de Bordeaux
Canelés in praline size
Italian flair with STROH
Carinthian Reindling
A delicious treat from the South of Austria
Chanterelle goulash
Enhances the bounty of the forest
Chestnut cake
Creamy Autumn Bliss
Chestnut soup
Deliciously creamy and wonderfully aromatic
Chickpea Soup
Warming comfort food
Chocolate Banana Dumplings
Turn dumplings into culinary delights
Chocolate Lamingtons with STROH
For the best lamingtons
Chocolate Nut Cakes
This is how a proper treat should taste like
Cocktail Sauce
The beloved and versatile sauce classic
Coconut rum cookies
Enjoy a crowd-pleaser
The most flavorful coleslow
Colorful Salad with Sweet Potato Cubes
A salad for all senses
Cream puffs
A visual and flavorful highlight
Cream Puffs with Rum Cream
Aromatic whipped cream meats delicious Oranges
Creamy mushroom gnocchi
Simple and Delicious Comfort Dish
Creole Rum Stew
Hand-picked ingredients for a real OH!-delight
Crepes with vanilla cream
Turns an everyday dish into comfort food
Cuba Libre Reloaded
Cheers to a Cuba Libre experience like no other!
Dacquoise with Rum Ganache
A small piece of delight
Daechu Milk Punch
Savor creamy deliciousness with every sip
duck breast with red cabbage and chestnut
For a True Feast
For a very unique espresso experience
Fruit dumplings with curd dough
Completes the dumpling
Germknödel (sweet dumplings)
A true alpine classic
Granita di Caffè with STROH
Dolce Vita refined with STROH
Green Spinach Curry
Abundant vegetables, abundant delight
Grilled Prawns with Chili Mayonnaise
A delicious combination of irresistable flavors
A new guest at the fiesta of flavors
Hazelnut buns
A deliciously nutty treat
Herb Dip
An enticing combination of freshness and refinement
Honey Gingerbread with STROH
Makes the gingerbread irresistable
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
A treat for every chocolate lover
Hot Chocolate with STROH
It's time for hot chocolate!
Hot Coffee Spritzer
An intriguing coffee twist
Hot Toddy
A Hot Toddy for cold days
Hot Toffee
Makes toffee dreams come true
Hussar cookies
Perfect for a cup of tea or coffee
Iced Rum Truffles
Rum truffles as a refreshing treat
Refreshing, fizzy, robust
Jelly donuts
A fluffy temptation
Kaiser­schmarrn with rum raisins
Makes every bite a delight
Linzer Cookies
Brings the cookie platter to life
A sweet classic with a STROH twist
Milk & Honey
Cheers to a harmonious fusion
Milk ice cream with STROH and caramel sauce
Creamy, delicious and decadent
Milk-cream strudel
A sweet delight with historical roots
Mille feuille
Makes Mille Feuille taste like more
Mille Feuille à la Nussbaum
Adds a Surprise Layer to Mille Feuille
Mountain Rum Mule
Makes a highball a highlight
Mulled Wine with STROH
Makes cold days cozy
bittersweet and dramatic
Nut Beugel
With warm regards from Vienna
Orange Fennel Salad
A fruity and refreshing delight
Orange Gingerbraed Cookies
The Fruity Twist on an Authentic Classic
orange rum parfait with rum fruits
A perfect finish
Plum jam pockets
Austrian Comfort Food
Poppy seed soufflé with caramel pears
Impresses your guests
Pork Roast
A pork roast as it should be
Pork shank with Rum
Juicy meat with mouthwatering flavor
Punch cakes
The Viennese Classic with delicate sponge cake
Punch ice cream cakes
Punch cakes for summer
Red Lentil Soup
Easily made in no time
Rice with Meat (Reisfleisch)
A hearty Austrian favourite
Roast Beef
Hearty, flavorful, delicious.
Roast chicken with potato wedges
STROH-roast chicken delight
Roast venison with tipsy fruits
Make the Side Dish the Main Attraction
Ro-Co-Co OH!
Rum and Raisin Mini Ice Cream Cakes
For a delicious summer
Rum Balls
Nutty, chocolaty, delicious
Rum balls with chocolate glaze
Sweet gift idea for the holidays.
Rum Blondies
It doesn't always have to be brownies
Rum Bundt Cake
Raffiniert aromatisch und unwiderstehlich saftig
Rum Cookies (Buttered Bread Cookies)
An welcome change
Rum Pot Baba
A sweet delicacy refined to perfection
Rum Venison with Morels
Exquisitely marinated and delightfully presented
Rum Wels Catfisch
Catfish with robust seasoning
Rumtopf (rum pot)
A classic for a classic
Russian Punch Cake
A Delicious Showstopper
Savoury punch cakes with tomato and ginger
Makes punch cakes a delightful appetizer
Seared Scallops with Rum Glaze
Turns seafood into a feast
Skinny Colada
Get a taste of the tropics
Spaghetti Bolognese
An Italian favourite that conquered the world
Sparkling Wine with Rum Fruits
Fruity Celebration
Speculaas cream
Aromatic Winter Delight to Savor
STROH Apricot Jam
For cheers at the breakfast table
STROH Berry Punch
Fruity, warming and irresistable
STROH Branca
Sweet, mild and warming
STROH Chocolate and Rum Naked Cake
The best combination for a delicious cake
STROH Chocolate Rum Cookies
Chocolatey, delicious and sOH! good
STROH Cola Slush
Makes Rum Cola ready for summer
STROH Crescents
A dream of dark chocolate, almonds & STROH
A deliciously creamy hot beverage
STROH fruit cake
A moist fruit cake with special aroma
STROH Glöggerl
Flavorful and harmonious
STROH Hot Buttered Rum
For some OH! on cold winter days
STROH Jagertee
From Austrian ski lodges into the whole world
STROH Jubilee Cake
It's time to celebrate!
STROH Manhattan
STROH goes Big Apple
STROH me up
Unusual ingredients for an extraordinary drink
STROH melon popsicles
Gives Melon Popsicle a delicious twist
STROH Orangen Punsch
For a fruity winter
STROH Orient Punch
A deliciously warming treat for cold autumn days!
STROH Pear Cocktail
STROH and pears - what a great pair
STROH Pomegranate Cranberry Punch
Fruity, exotic and warming
STROH Poppy Seed Butter
A buttery delight
STROH Rum Butter
Makes butter your favourite spread
STROH Rum Punsch
Wonderfully balanced and delightfully flavorful
STROH Rum Raisin Cheesecake
Makes Cheesecake Irresistible
A big pleasure in a small size
STROH Spoon Bread
Southern Delight: Spoon Bread with Aromatic Fig Compote
STROH star cookies
Stars with that special something
STROH Strawberry Jam
For a very berry breakfast
STROH Summer Cocktail
Refreshing, sparkling, and perfect for summer
STROH Tiger Milk
Ice-cold delight
STROH with Cola
Refreshingly simple
STROHberries Cocktail
A berry delight
STROHberry Daiquiri
A summer taste explosion
Sweet potato casserole
Simple dish elevated with sophistication
Sweet Semolina Schmarrn
A traditional Austrian sweet dish
Swordmen's Destiny
Indulgence for connoisseurs
Tea and rum summer edition
Iced tea with a twist
Topfen­schmarrn with Chutney
A Schmarrn like no other
Vanilla Crescent Cookies
Aromatic Christmas Favorites
Viennese Rice Pudding
Elevates your rice pudding
Wild Garlic Pesto
From Pesto to PestOH!
Wild Red Prawns with Avocado Papaya Salad
the taste of vacation for everyday life
Wild Rye with STROH and goat cheese
Breathes new life into old grains
Wreath Cake with Rum Prunes
Easy and sophisticated
Yellow Thai Chicken Curry
Brings color to everyday life