How does STROH 80 taste?

STROH has a typical, distinctive flavor profile of Inländer Rum, with fine notes of vanilla, cinnamon, almond, and a refined smoky note.


What can I do with STROH 80?

STROH can be used as an enriching ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes, as well as in hot drinks and cocktails. On the recipe page of STROH.AT, you can find a variety of inspiring recipes to try:

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Are STROH products vegan?

Yes. STROH brand products do not contain any animal ingredients.


What is STROH made of?

Like other types of rum, STROH Inländer Rum is distilled from sugarcane. However, it stands out from traditional rum due to its refinement with a well-balanced aroma composition (the typical ‘STROH flavor’) and its reddish-brown color, which is a typical characteristic of Inländer Rum.


What is the shelf life of STROH products?

STROH products do not have a shelf life. However, for already opened bottles, it is possible that the flavour intensity decreases over the years.


Where can I buy STROH spirits?

In many countries, STROH spirits are available both, in wholesale and retail stores, as well as online. However, availability may vary regionally. For precise information, please send your inquiry to STROH:

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Where can I buy STROH merchandise?

Currently, STROH merchandise is intended for use in the hospitality and retail sector only and cannot be purchased.


Can I use STROH 160 in recipes that are on the site as STROH 80?

For recipes with STROH 80, you can use STROH 160 as they have the same amount of alcohol – both are 80% alcohol, both are 160 Proof.
The European bottle is labelled as the ABV number of 80% ABV (STROH 80) whereas the US bottle is labelled by “Proof” number of 160 Proof (STROH 160)


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