A glorious Austrian success story

Sebastian Stroh Austria is one of the oldest distilleries in Austria. The company is headquartered in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee and is best known for its STROH Original Inländer Rum, which Austrians lovingly refer to as “STROH Rum” or “STROH 80”.

In 1832, when Sebastian Stroh began distilling his first spirits in St. Paul in Carinthia, he laid the foundation for the present-day company. Since then, the spirits from the house of STROH have been renowned for their authentic and aromatic taste. Today, STROH is internationally recognized as a symbol of Austria’s rich culinary culture. STROH evokes memories of the latest vacation in the Austrian Alps and the food and drinks enjoyed there. No one embodies the aroma of true Austrian joie de vivre better than The Spirit of Austria.

STROH Inländer Rum is the most famous product from the house of STROH and a specialty spirit that has found its fixed place in kitchens and bars in over 40 countries worldwide. The export share is close to 75 percent, with the largest portion being delivered to Germany, Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, and the travel retail sector. The distinctive bottle of STROH Inländer Rum is shaped like a curved flask. The design is inspired by the time of the American Prohibition, when spirits were often concealed on the body during transport. The bottle has since become iconic, making “STROH Rum” a popular souvenir and gift.


The History of STROH Inländer Rum

The history of the STROH company began over 190 years ago in the Lavant Valley in southern Austria. Over the years, the company has launched many successful products and consistently focused on the market and the needs of its customers. In the mid-20th century, STROH introduced Inländer Rum to the market, which was an authentic Austrian success product from the beginning.



Sebastian Stroh distilled his first spirits in St. Paul in the Lavant Valley in Austria, laying the foundation for today’s company. The spirits industry was just becoming established in the region of Carinthia, and Sebastian Stroh had a nose for strong spirits.


The Stroh family company continues to grow, with its products soon acquiring an excellent reputation. At the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900, STROH is awarded the “Large Gold Medal” and hereby gaining recognition beyond Austria’s borders.


The so-called “alte Likörfabrik” (old liqueur distillery) is established – a modern production site including a brandy distillery and a steam distillery for the finest liqueurs.


1.2 million bottles of various specialties are produced, which is an impressive amount for a Carinthian company of that time.


Hanno Maurer-Stroh takes over the family company and in the 1970s positions STROH as one of the most successful Austrian brands in the international spirits market.


STROH is booming. The new bottle with its historic allusion to the hip flask is a great success.


Thanks to the successful export business in the German-speaking world, in the 1980s and 1990s STROH becomes the best-known Austrian brand in Germany.


The STROH family sells its shares to ECKES AG. The new owners continue to develop the brand further.


The labels of the entire STROH product range are redesigned. Clear identifying features are defined in order to protect against copies.


Harold Burstein, the long-time director, takes over the company in a management buy-out in 2008. In the same year, “Inländer Rum” and “Jagertee” are registered as protected geographic indications in Europe. STROH grows internationally and is soon firmly established in over 40 markets. This is honoured by the nomination for “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the Consumer Goods category in 2011.


To mark 185 years of STROH, in 2017 the new advertising slogan “Das STROHRIGINAL” (“the Strohriginal”) is developed and an inspiring collection of recipes is published in a cook book to reflect The Spirit of Austria.


STROH strengthens its position as a connoisseur brand and as an enriching ingredient in dishes and drinks with a new claim, accompanied by a comprehensive campaign: “Add a little STROH!” It points to the small but critical difference made by a dash of STROH Inländer Rum. The company celebrates its 190th birthday.