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Rumtopf is an ingenious way to preserve fresh fruit. And for decades, STROH has been a trusted choice for it. The special STROH aroma complements the fruits wonderfully and makes Rumtopf the perfect addition to ice cream, pudding, curd dumplings, cake, curd strudel and much more.


A well-cleaned stoneware or glass jar with a capacity of approx. 5 liters.


  • STROH 60 or 80
  • Granulated sugar
  • Fruits according to season and taste



The essence of a Rumtopf is to layer fresh fruits gradually throughout the year, in order to have a wide range of aromatically preserved fruits at the end of the year, thus combining the seasons in a jar. For example, one would start with strawberries and raspberries in spring, cherries, apricots, peaches, blackberries, and mirabelles in summer, pears, plums, and damsons in autumn, and so on.

  • Remove any fruit cores and cut the fruits into pieces. Pit stone fruits and halve or quarter them.
  • At the beginning, mix 500 g of the first type of fruit with 500 g of sugar. Let this sit for 30 minutes and then pour STROH over them. The STROH should always stand a finger-width above the fruits (if fruits float, weigh them down with a small plate).
  • For the next step, mix 500 g of the next type of fruit with 250 g of sugar. Add them to the rum pot with the already prepared fruits and pour STROH over them again until it stands a finger-width above the fruits. Repeat for each additional type of fruit.
  • Seal the rum pot well with foil and store in a cool and dark place.
  • The rum pot must now steep for about 4 weeks until the fruits have developed their full flavor.


Tip: You can also add cinnamon, cloves, star anise, and vanilla to the rum pot along with the sugar. This will make it even more flavorful.


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