Wonderfully balanced and delightfully flavorful

STROH Rum Punch owes its unique and unmistakable flavor to a special ingredient: STROH Inländer Rum. When mixed with hot water, it can be prepared in no time, offering a delightful indulgence on cold days.

Did you know? With one bottle of STROH Rum Punch (0.5 liters), you can prepare two liters of rum punch, which equals approximately eight cups.


  • 1 part STROH Rum Punsch
  • 3 parts hot water or hot apple juice


Mix STROH Rum Punch with hot water to your desired strength.
Garnish with orange peels, a cinnamon stick or star anise according to taste and enjoy it warm.


STROH Rum PunschSTROH Rum Punsch

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