For a fruity winter

With delicate orange and lemon distillates for a refined touch, STROH Orange Punch is a wonderful drink for cold and gloomy days. However, it's also a true delight during the summer.

Did you know? With one bottle of STROH Orange Punch (0.5 liters), you can prepare two liters of orange punch, which is approximately eight cups.


  • 1 part STROH Orangen Punsch
  • 3 parts hot water or hot orange juice
  • organic orange slices for serving



Mix STROH Orange Punch with hot water or orange juice to your desired strength. Garnish with orange slices and enjoy it warm.

Tip: Serve it over ice with cold orange juice for a refreshing summer twist.


STROH Orangen PunschSTROH Orangen Punsch

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