STROH Inländer Rum

The basic product for STROH Inländer Rum is actual rum. The history of the Inländer Rum goes back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. At that time, the crew of the royal Austro-Hungarian naval fleet received a daily ration of rum, not only for moralistic but also for medical reasons. Since 2008, based on an EU regulation, it is even stipulated by law that Inländer Rum must be produced 100% in Austria from sugar-cane molasses, which makes it a geographically protected Austrian spirits speciality and also unique in the international world of spirits. For more than 185 years now, the Original STROH Inländer Rum convinces with its fine-smelling, delicate rum note and its authentic and aromatic taste.




The icon of Austrian spirits is firmly related to the Austrian culinary and baking tradition. In pastries, cakes and desserts as well as in modern cocktail creations, STROH 80 unfolds its incomparable aroma, which became the epitome of Austrian enjoyment.



STROH 60 is a universal talent. In addition to cocktails, it is also particularly suitable for homemade jams, chutneys or jellies. STROH 60 has always been used for the preparation of the classic rum pot - the fruits are preserved by the alcohol and at the same time receive their wonderful aroma.




We recommend STROH 40 for the preparation of beverages. Especially in winter, it is an integral part of hot and heart-warming drinks. But the typical STROH aroma can also convince with summer cocktails or ice creations.


Responsible enjoyment is a valuable asset and very important to us. Therefore, visiting the STROH website requires the statutory minimum age for the consumption of alcohol.

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