For the Babas, combine all baba batter ingredients except for the butter in a mixing bowl and mix for ca. 5 minutes with a flat beater attachment. Add the melted butter and continue mixing for another 5 minutes. Use a piping bag to fill 12 greased savarin moulds three-quarters full with the batter. Allow to rise in a warm place for ca. 45 minutes, then bake for 25 minutes at 160 °C with the fan on. After baking, the babas should be completely dry so that they will absorb the rum. Refrigerate the babas.

Heat up the water, sugar, and rum pot liquid and then let cool to around 50–60 °C. Add the dry babas and let them soak in the liquid for ca. 5 minutes, then turn them over. After another 5 minutes, place them on a screen to drip dry and then spread on the apricot marmalade.

For the mascarpone cream, whisk all ingredients until creamy.

To serve, place the babas in large soup dishes, spray on the mascarpone cream in a circular fashion, distribute berries around the babas, and pour a bit of rum pot liquid into the bowls.