Shake all ingredients vigorously with ice cubes and "double" (through a tea strainer) fill the pre-chilled cocktail glass.
* For the Fermented Strawberry Cordial & nbsp; 350 g ripe strawberries and 100 g blueberries with 50 g honey, 5 Mix g salt and 50 ml whey ** while pressing and squeezing the berries. Then fill it into a tall glass vessel (e.g. swing-top glass) and cover with a very thin but continuous layer of mild olive oil. Cover the container loosely and let it ferment for 2 to 3 days at room temperature. The olive oil protects against excessive oxygen supply and gives the final product texture. The mixture starts to bubble and expands. After fermentation, mix with 250 g sugar and 100 ml STROH 80.
** For the whey, let probiotic yoghurt hang in a straining cloth or kitchen towel, collect free-flowing whey liquid and store in a cool place or as a starter for lactofermentation use.