The very essence of a Rumtopf is to preserve fruit gradually in layers throughout the year, so that at the end of the year you have a wide range of aromatic preserved fruits, bringing together the seasons in one glass. For instance, in spring you start with strawberries and raspberries, in summer with cherries, apricots, peaches, blackberries, mirabelles and in autumn with pears, damsons, plums and so on.

You should always wash and dry the fruit well. Remove the cores and cut the fruit into pieces. Remove the stones from stone fruits and cut into halves or quarters.
To begin, mix 500 g of each fruit with 500 g of sugar. Leave to steep for 30 minutes and then pour STROH over the mixture. When doing so, the STROH should always be a finger's breadth above the fruit (it might be necessary to weigh down floating fruit with a saucer).

Leave 500 g of fruit to steep with 250 g of sugar for the next step or fruit item. Add to the fruit that has already been prepared in the Rumtopf pot and pour STROH over it again until it is a finger's breadth above the fruit.

Seal the rum pot tightly with foil and store in a cool place.
The ready-made Rumtopf must now be left to infuse for approx. 4 weeks until the fruits have developed their full flavour. The Rumtopf will be ready for serving in November at the latest.

The fruits in the Rumtopf taste wonderful with curd cheese dumplings, cakes, cheese cakes or curd cheese strudels, with ice creams or puddings.