(Cake 22cm, the cake is gluten fee)

Beat lukewarm butter with icing sugar, cinnamon and egg-yolk until frothy.

Beat egg white with refined sugar. Mix almonds, hazelnuts and gently fold in the butter mixture with the beaten egg whites.

Place the mixture in a cake pan and bake in a preheated oven at 180° top/bottom heat for approx. 40 minutes (in fan only 175° and approx. 35 minutes)

Let the cake cool.

Boil apricot jam with STROH 40 rum.

Melt nougat in a water bath.

Cut the cake once in half and soak with the jam-rum mixture, sprinkle some of the nougat on top.

Stack the cake and spread the remaining jam.

Finally, coat the cake with nougat and sprinkle with hazelnut crunch.

Let it cool through.