Using a sharp knife cut crosswise into the fatty part of the meat. Rub with salt on all sides.
Slice 1 orange in thin slices. Using a peeler, peel the oranges, juice them.
Heat a pan. Put the meat in it with the fatty part facing down. Melt the duck fat. Grill the meat 5 min on each side and deglaze with rum. Add the orange peel, juice and slices. Remove the meat, keep warm. Reduce the sauce for a few minutes on high heat. Pepper the meat, slice thinly. Serve with chestnuts and cabbage.

Preparation glazed chestnuts

In a pan melt the sugar. Deglaze with rum, stir until the sugar dissolves. Add the chestnuts and glace them. Finally add the butter.

Preparation red cabbage

Cut the cabbage in thin slices. Finely chop and onions and grate the apples.
In a Dutch oven melt the butter. Stir fry the onions. Add the apples and cabbage and stir fry as well. Deglaze with rum. Add remaining spices, pour broth and orange juice over the cabbage. Cook for at least 1 h, until the cabbage is soft.
Remove cloves and laurel leaves. Season with salt and honey.