For the chocolate banana marmalade, puree bananas. Heat together with 20 g sugar and the pectin. Add 100 g sugar and the glucose syrup and bring back to temperature. Stir in the bitter couverture chocolate and then add the rum.

For the coconut cake, beat the egg white with sugar until fluffy. Thoroughly mix the dry ingredients, with the coconut flakes already as small as possible (use an electric shredder). Fold into the beaten egg whites and spread this mixture onto a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Bake for 15–20 minutes at 160 °C. Once the cake has cooled a bit, separate it from the paper and allow it to dry in the turned-off oven. Grate the dried cake and roast it in a pan until it turns light brown, using a whisk to stir a neutral-tasting oil (grapeseed, sunflower) into the crumbs to keep them from instantly going soft when used to coat the dumplings.

For the curd cheese dough, thoroughly knead together all ingredients. Wrap in cling film and chill overnight in the refrigerator. Roll out to about 5 mm thickness with a rolling pin and a bit of flour. Cut into 4 cm squares and add one dollop each of chocolate banana marmalade. Fold squares closed and shape into dumplings. (These can be frozen until needed.) In a pot, bring water (flavoured with a bit of salt and rum) to a light boil. Boil the dumplings for ca. 7 minutes, then lift them out of the water and roll them in the coconut crumbs.

For the coconut sauce, heat coconut water and coconut milk together with the simple syrup and agar-agar. Pour into a tall container and chill. Mix with a hand mixer until clump-free and flavour with the lemon juice. Combine all ingredients for the rum ball and freeze in hemispherical silicone moulds or an ice cube tray. Use 200 ml water and 3 leaves of gelatine to make a jelly. Stick each half-sphere of frozen rum with a needle and dip in this liquid jelly several times to create a thin but dense jelly layer. Set aside and then carefully remove the needles.