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Our products, especially the STROH 80, are so popular that there are always counterfeit products that are offered on various websites as well as in different markets.

After opening such a bottle there will be disappointment, because the content in no way comparables to the original product!


STROH Inländer Rum - How to recognize the original

Here you can find out more about the special features of Original STROH

Brown glass bottle

Pocket flask shape of brown glass and slightly curved toward the inside on the back side

Embossed signature “Sebastian Stroh” on the front side below the bottleneck


High quality labels

Shiny golden foil

Embossing of the lettering “STROH”

Pattern in the label backgrounds

Characteristic orange tone shading on the label

Embossing of the “STROH” trademark, the “spike”



Closure at the top in gold with black circumference

On the top on the golden background, the STROH trademark is shown

High-quality neck label with the “STROH” the “STROH” trademark and embossing of the “STROH” trademark, the “spike”


Back label

Always has the RIGHT SENDER (Sebastian Stroh Austria GmbH, A-9020 Klagenfurt)


High quality neck label

Embossing in the bottle

Embossed signature "Sebastian Stroh" on the front of the bottle

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of your STROH product, please contact us personally at any time

Responsible enjoyment is a valuable asset and very important to us. Therefore, visiting the STROH website requires the statutory minimum age for the consumption of alcohol.

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