Depending on the product, not only the respective alcohol content but also factors such as color and added flavors are different.

According to the EU regulation 110/2008, it is legally established that 100% of the rum is made from sugar cane molasses in Austria, making it a protected Austrian specialty. STROH Inländer Rum is distinguished by its fine fragrance and delicate rum note as well as its harmonious, flowery taste.

40 vol.% is the most common for all kinds of spirits. At a time where everything is reduced and switched to "light", STROH 60 and STROH 80 are the exceptions.

Particularly the Inländer rum with an alcohol content of 80% is driven by an incredible cult worldwide. Not only because of its taste and its primal power, but also because of a small crossed-out aircraft symbol on the bottle label. The transport of STROH 80 is not compatible with the current security rules in air traffic; only the "little brother" STROH 60 is still allowed into the passenger cabin.

If you see a bottle of STROH 160 in the US, it is not a particularly alcohol-heavy rum version, but only the different US unit of measure "proof". It is a matter of fact that British seafarers once tested the strength of their rums by watering and lighting gunpowder with rum. 160 ° proof correspond to 80 vol.%, which burns the contained alcohol while flambéing with an orange yellow flame.

In the traditional Austrian pastry kitchen, Original STROH is indispensable for cakes, pies and desserts.

STROH Inländer Rum can be found in the kitchens and bars in more than forty countries. The export share was 75 percent in 2016, with the largest share being supplied to Germany, Scandinavia, South Africa, the Benelux countries and travel retail.

Thanks to its unmistakable flavor, STROH Inländer Rum owes its reputation not only to its unmistakable aroma, but also to the historic form of its bottle. The typically curved Flachmann originates from the American prohibition period, in which it was important to hide the bottle easily on the body and to transport it unnoticed.

Today the STROH bottle is a design icon in the world of spirits, whose form goes back to the STROH family, where it gained international attention for the first time in the 1970s under Hanno Maurer-Stroh. The constant bottle design and the orange-colored labels have certainly contributed to the high brand recognition at home and abroad. For some a bottle of STROH is considered as symbol of "The Spirit of Austria".

At the heart of this spirit is the local pastry kitchen and the related coffeehouse culture and confectionery art. Without STROH Inländer rum, sweet Austrian classics such as Applestrudel, Kaiserschmarren or biscuits would be simply unimaginable. This makes it unique in the culinary world. Because nowhere else in the world is a high percentage spirit on the shopping list of housewives and kitchen professionals.

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